My Student Film: "Enos & Cooter!!"

I made this short during my third year at Algonquin. Special thanks to all the faculty and students at the Algonquin College Animation Program. Extra thanks to Ian Jeans, who always kept me motivated and is one of the coolest guys I've had the pleasure of knowing.

This is the animated storyboard version of the film:

Scenes done with Toon Boom's Harmony.

Fat vampire and weird mummy chick work out their relationship problems!

This Frankenstien-type dude gets a phone call that totally makes him forget about his hangover!

Here's that mummy lady again, doing a sidestep. Why? Probably 'cause there's a bee.

Sketchbook and other Drawings


These guys and gals are Enos' friends and neighbors. Some of them can make rent and others can't!


These colored BGs are from my third-year film, "Enos & Cooter!!"

Life Drawing